Welcome to my lifestyle writing blog. I'm Danah, a young aspiring writer, and herbalist. I live in the countryside surrounded by mountains and farms; I love nothing more than to live a simple and natural way of life, for I believe, God's creations are pure. After all, man is made for nature. I'm quite a spiritual and sensitive person, I'd preferably depend on destiny. Each astounding experience has reason. Every eventful encounter has reason. Your soul has a purpose. It would be so pitiless to believe that we pass on to evaporate from presence. 

My archive is loaded up with my musings, positive notes, and healing. That's what I'm here for. To heal, to motivate and to ingrain truth into your heart. At the very least, that is the thing that I couldn't want anything more than to achieve. As much as I appreciate perusing an assortment of books, I'm likewise satisfied to impart my inventiveness to you, just as my adoration for nature and a characteristic lifestyle.

I try to convey some light into your heart, with the goal that you are more open to contemplation — and that it encourages you to make something yourself as well. Along these lines, glance around and if there is anything I can assist you with in regards to my site, get in touch with me. On a side note, It's never past the point where it is possible to begin something new. Start now.

Thank you for reading.

Find peace, always.    


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