We are only a moment


A nature darling, a herbalist, an ardent tea consumer and a muslim lifestyle blogger. As much as I love perusing an assortment of books, I additionally appreciate sharing my motivations, internal musings just as my amazing enthusiasm for home grown remedies.

Cloud Watcher

What do the clouds speak of, today? Our eventful life,  such as passing clouds are only for a time.  Distant, Delicate, Untouched — an apparition moving into relics of recollections. Hurried clouds accommodate and shape a magnificent strife. So as the passing storm that had vanished into delusion before our eyes, for another will arrive to remind us of a turmoil. 

We are alike. You and I. We live for a while and must return to our Lord. What do the clouds speak of, today? Do they convey a spiritual truth? Will you look beyond the clouds? What do you seek?


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