Predator's Dance

Ahead lay a lofty stage filled with boisterous children in which they gathered into a dense mass — each playing a part in the role of conformity and rebellion. I sat there frowning, my eyes fixated on the frivolous actors. It was one hell of a mess and their theatrics had me thinking of the world.

The ones who devoured the weak positioned higher than the remainder of them and that's what made them shine. For all one knows, perhaps, that was the way humanity made hellfire. 

Maybe, they were the whispers of the devil. I pondered internally that even the ace of falsehoods had a task to carry out, and in the event that he did, he certainly had made his earth a symphonic canvas. Fools to fill his palette and a quire of bewitching whispers, but how we are swayed by his tunes that even lies had become truth. 

Nevertheless, how can one blame a demon for being a demon? It was the heedless children and they were humans. They could have done better with their mistakes.

Perhaps, there was something within them that had to be greater than themselves. To be one with the divine. 


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